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ARAOAnti Racism Anti Oppression
ARAOAcute Renal Artery Occlusion (nephrology)
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'Stricter accreditation is very important at a time when the rich and powerful are bastardizing the system,' Arao added.
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Rice fields are generally kept under flooding conditions, and metals in flooded paddy soil are mostly present in the less labile fractions combined with solid-phase components (Patrick and Jugsujinda, 1992; Han and Banin, 1997; Arao et al., 2010).
All students need to be invited and enabled to be "brave"--to give up the illusion of "safety" for a "learning that involves not merely risk, but the pain of giving up a former condition in favor of a new way of seeing things" (Arao & Clemens, Double Consciousness and the Future of Service-Learning 2013, p.
e Around six weeks after Madeleine vanished, police unearthed a potential burial site in the village of village of Arao, nine miles from Praia da Luz following a tip-off from a Dutch newspaper.
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These findings are consistent with those of Arao et al.
"The establishment of the new company enables us to promptly serve customer needs in the Russia and IS markets," says Kentaro Arao, Teijin Group senior executive officer, chief marketing officer and director of BRICs business.
Por otro lado, las observaciones actuales sugieren que de continuar las tendencias actuales de calentamiento en el Artico, las poblaciones del arao de Brunnich (Uria lomvia) se desplacen mas al norte (Gaston et al., 2005).