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ARARAAmerican Rock Art Research Association (Glendale, AZ)
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On resumption, Nakuru stepped up their gas pedal and invaded their opponents camping into their own half in the opening 15 minutes as they piled pressure to their youthful opponents.Hardly two minutes into the second half, Arara, who was a constant threat to Nakuru guard, snapped from his markers to score a try which was converted by Okwaro.
Historically, Afro-Cuban forms of self-organization like the cabildos de nacion, sociedades de color and casa-templos have been primarily associated with the "religious" activities of Lucumi, Abakua, Arara, Palo, and Ganga, however, what is not always emphasized is their role as mutual-aid societies.
Era choque eletrico, pau de arara, espancamento, telefone, tortura sexual.
We planned to rapidly expand Arara's operations domestically and internationally in fiscal year 2017 and I helped the CEO with accounting (US GAAP) implementation, financial valuation and operational assessment.
Os indios arara, da Amazonia brasileira, realizavam a cerimonia do ieipari, na qual o cranio do inimigo derrotado era exibido no topo de uma haste ou utilizado como instrumento musical (Teixeira-Pinto 1997).
He uses the archives of the Spanish Inquisition to tell the story of Mateo Arara, an itinerant healer who he suspects is from Benin, to show how African knowledge, categories, and objects were used by Africans to define and redefine themselves.
O bebe, o desenvolvimento dele vai ser melhor, diminuindo os riscos das patologias e com certeza vai ta influenciando na familia [...] (Arara); Protecao diante de estimulacao do sistema imunologico.
a existencia de 12 terras indigenas divididas por rota (Iriri, Xingu e Bacaja), informa que tem o [Juruna do] Km 17, [Juruna do] Paquicamba e Arara da VGX [Volta Grande do Xingu] que sao diretamente impactados pela UHE Belo Monte, sendo que no Km 17 ja houve denuncias de abuso sexual, no Paquicamba [existe] problema serio com bebida alcoolica e no Arara da VGX tem relato informal de abuso sexual contra uma adolescente indigena ...
Sumesh Arara is Vice President at Innovate Mississippi, a non-profit organization with a mission to drive innovative business growth in Mississippi.
Police said in a statement that a special forces team closed in on a building in his hometown of Arara, in northern Israel, killing him when he stormed out, shooting at them.