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ARAREAcademic Response to Antisemitism and Racism in Europe
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(2015) Pregatirea economiei si teritoriului pentru ap arare, "Carol I" National Defense University Publishing House, Bucurecti, p.15.
Arare Bible that got one of the Ten Commandments spectacularly wrong by omitting the word NOT is up for auction.
The decision to scrap Russiaas South Stream project and redirect the gas pipeline to Turkey seems to be a arare diplomatic defeata for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the New Your Times commented on Tuesday.
ARARE find at the South Liverpool Vintage Fair last month helped me to select this week's story for our stroll down Memory Lane.
ARARE eyewitness account by one of the British heroes of the Battle of Rorke's Drift has sold for PS15,500 at auction.
NiNiN rvana I heavy rock anand grunge andnd those anand and bands arare best in bands are the ththose twtwtwo those twtwo Favourite TV show as a kid...I loved an American sitcom called Bewitched, which ran from 1964 to 1972.
In an age of cheap air travel, electronic communication, and brandingschemes like ecotourism, at least one exploited hellhole now enjoys arare version of transparency, even though the access is for sale likeany other product.
Birdshot chorioretinopathy (BCR) is arare, chronic, bilateral, posterior inflammatory disease involving the retina and the choroid.
They're funny becausethey're written by people who have arare talent for showing the naturalfunniness of people, particularly
ARARE opportunity to catch a founding member and chief songwriter of the legendary New York Dolls is being offered up.
Pratt Toby 20, PS500 Three generations of Ralph Woods are recorded arare jug, circa his ruddy, complexion, PS1,200-PS1,500 as having made figures at their factory at Burslem, one of the Five Towns of the Staffordshire Potteries, and were among the first English potters to identify their work using either their names or a mark (in their case THE BROWN JUG Dear Tom, this brown jug that now foams with mild ale, (In which I will drink to sweet Nan of the Vale) Was once Toby Fillpot, a thirsty old soul, As e''er drank a bottle, or fathomed a bowl; In boosing about 'twas his praise to excel, And among jolly topers he bore off the bell.
Arare case of mixed cystic and alveolar hydatidosis.