ARASSAssociation pour la Réalisation d'Actions Sociales Spécialisées (French: Social Work Specialist Development Association)
ARASSActivity Reporting and Standards System
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References in classic literature ?
My troubles are over, and once more I can be gay, debonair, vivacious with Miss Marion, for no longer will there be present the cat Alexander to 'arass me.
Figure yourself, monsieur, to what extent I was now 'arassed. I am artist.
It is unlawful for a workplace participant to sexually h arass another workplace participant at a place that is a workplace of both of those persons.
The first is that the notionally plural form "arrases" could have sounded as ungainly to a sixteenth-century ear as it does to our own, although a very rare example of its use does occur in Beaumont's The Woman Hater (1606): "Farewell my fellow Courtiers all, with whome, / I haue of yore made many a scrambling meale / In corners, behind Arasses, on staires" (Q1, F3r).
arassed mother who still hasn't wrapped the presents or worked out the microwave instructions for the turkey: "Come on guys, bed time!"