ARAVAssociation of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
ARAVAsociación Regional Altaverapacense (Spanish: Altaverapacense Regional Association; Guatemala)
ARAVAustralian Retailers Association Victoria
ARAVAravan Bat Virus
ARAVArmy Aviator
ARAVAegis Readiness Assessment Vehicles
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No live missiles were fired from the ships, and the target ARAV fell harmlessly into the Atlantic Ocean.
Especies Abrevi Soro- Geno- acao (a) tipo tipo Lyssavirus (virus da raiva) RABV I I Lagos-Bal-Virus LBV II II Mokola-Virus MOKV III III Duvenhage Virus DUVV IV IV European Bat Lyssavirus 1 EBLV 1 V European Bat Lyssavirus 2 EBLV 2 VI Australian Bat Lyssavirus ABLV VII Aravan virus ARAV ?
Several bat species within the genus Myotis are reservoirs for EBLV-2, BBLV, and the central Asian lyssaviruses ARAV and KHUV (5).
I also plan on obtaining membership to ARAV this next year.
VACV samples from Itatinga and Torre de Pedra showed high identity with ARAV (2) and other Brazilian VACVs, including the Cantagalo (1) and Mariana viruses (10).
Highly conserved regions of N and Gn genes of ARAV (GenBank accession nos.
All virus sequences from Misiones and the Itapua case form a monophyletic group together with ANDV lineages, nonpathogenic Pergamino (PRG) and Maciel (Figure 2), and CASV and ARAV (done in a 643-nt parsimonious tree, data not shown).
ARAV, PSTV, and GP2V show a digestion profile compatible with but not identical to that of the SAV, VACV-WR, and Lister strains (profile 2) (7,11,13).
The PSTV ha gene sequences presented the same 18-nt deletion found in ARAV, CTGV, and VACV-IOC and shared more similarities to ARAV and CTGV homologous sequences.
Information about the risk of contracting salmonellosis from pet reptiles was communicated to the public from late 1997 and onwards, and the information given to the public in Sweden has closely followed ARAV guidelines.
I attend the annual AAV and AEMV conference, and when my schedule has allowed, I have attended the ARAV and AAZV conference (when they were combined).
However, at our hospital, we also keep journals from the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, the ARAV, and other organizations for everyone to share.