ARBEFAssociation pour le Bien-etre Familial (French)
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Several of the women interviewed by the ARBEF team mentioned being coerced into sexual activity, whether by a teacher, an older man or an employer, or exploited because of their economic needs.
In fact, one of the reasons the investigation into abortion in Rwanda led to prisons is that in "no other place" could the researchers "find women who aborted ready to accept this status [of having had an abortion] and to accept our interview; the same for health providers or other people who conducted or helped to abort illegally," according to the 2013 paper by ARBEF and IPPF.
The study by ARBEF and IPPF examined the views about abortion held by a group of policymakers, public servants and representatives from faith-based organizations.
YAM and ARBEF's leading role in advocacy for safe abortion has resulted, among other things, in various forms of collaboration with other organizations, such as the Center for Reproductive Rights, Guttmacher Institute, Venture Strategies Innovations and Ipas.
This abortion project, which started as a small pilot initiative by Rutgers WPF, ARBEF and YAM Rwanda, has now become a full-fledged advocacy programme and has secured funds from other donors to keep it going, such as the Safe Abortion Action Fund.
The authors would like to acknowledge the extraordinary work of all the youth volunteers of the Youth Action Movement who were involved in making these changes happen, as well as ARBEF and IPPF's central and regional offices for training and supporting these young people and to the International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion for their support in disseminating the stories of the young women in prison to a wider audience.