ARBFAlternate-Reality Boss Fight (gaming)
ARBFAdvected Radial Basis Function (fluid simulation)
ARBFAwaiting Return of Bowel Function
ARBFAssociation de Replacement de Bouledogues Français (French: Replacement Association of French Bulldogs; est. 2004)
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For, by my count, Roma and Emma Jones, the two ARBF sisters depicted with their two - or two and a half - children, could well be the only two 'real' non-royal women to be found among Birmingham's outdoor sculptures.
Life forms and functional group: HF: forest herbs, HP: pioneer herbs, AF: forest tree, AP: pioneer tree, ArbF: forest shrub, ArbP: pioneer shrub, PalmF: forests Palm, LF: forest liana, LP: pioneer liana.
Comparison of the DF errors of various systems using the degraded array[20] shows the significant advantage of the adaptive radial basis function (ARBF) neural net over the standard monopulse system and even over the monopulse system calibrated in the presence of errors.