ARBFAlternate-Reality Boss Fight (gaming)
ARBFAdvected Radial Basis Function (fluid simulation)
ARBFAwaiting Return of Bowel Function
ARBFAssociation de Replacement de Bouledogues Français (French: Replacement Association of French Bulldogs; est. 2004)
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For, by my count, Roma and Emma Jones, the two ARBF sisters depicted with their two - or two and a half - children, could well be the only two 'real' non-royal women to be found among Birmingham's outdoor sculptures.
The 19 ARBOs from southern Negros are Hacienda Pangulayan ARBF Association of Bago City; Dama Farmworkers ARB Association of La Castellana; Candumarao Cluster Association of Hinigaran; Estela Agrarian Reform Cooperative of La Carlota City; Hacienderos Agrarian Reform Cooperative of Bago City; Hacienda Agueda ARB Association of La Castellana; Hacienda Cahilamunan ARB Association of La Castellana;
The ARBF beamformer detected and located signal sources with antennas containing multiple unknown nonlinear failures.