ARBREAssociation des Résidents de Brébeuf
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We are at the Halles; and you told me the house was at the corner of the Rue de l'Arbre Sec."
It meant nothing to Tarzan, of course, for he could not tell one language from another, so when he pointed to the word man which he had printed upon a piece of bark he learned from D'Arnot that it was pronounced HOMME, and in the same way he was taught to pronounce ape, SINGE and tree, ARBRE.
The Grimsel is CERTAINEMENT a wonderful place; situated at the bottom of a sort of huge crater, the sides of which are utterly savage GEBIRGE, composed of barren rocks which cannot even support a single pine ARBRE, and afford only scanty food for a herd of GMWKWLLOLP, it looks as if it must be completely BEGRABEN in the winter snows.
Malgre les avancees notoires qu'enregistre notre pays en termes de sauvegarde de cet arbre emblematique, avec l'intervention louable des partenaires etrangers, en particulier l'organisme americain l'USAID et la fondation germanique la GTZ qui ont mis en place des mecanismes et des dispositifs performants, en compagnie des ONG locales, federees et agissantes, on continue a exterminer cet arbre de valeur.
Une tonne de papier recupere equivaut a 17 arbres preserves, et , du papier recycle consomme 6 fois moins d'eau et 4 fois moins d'energie que celle du papier neuf .
He said of the pair: "Polidam disappointed over three miles at Christmas and we're hoping the drop to two miles five will suit him better, while Arbre De Vie, who has loads of experience, has been disappointing."
As arbre a palabres, he listens to the contemporary voices and remembers the elders' confidences and discussions of matters of justice and survival under its branches.
Sent into handicap company at Punchestown in May, Arbre De Vie again performed with plenty of credit in returning second of 22 behind Sort It Out.
The champion trainer has indicated that Arbre De Vie is likely to remain hurdling for this season.
last 2, driven and 4yo+) soft, 11-4" SAM WINNER 41-511 DON COSSACK," 15,735: 1 (4yo+) soft, [euro]19,500: ON HIS OWN U58P14 Grade2 (5yo+) good 18 D ARBRE DE (5yo+) soft, PS Poste) 61-373 PS15,661: HOUBLON 16 P 17 Many Galway Plate winners, Carlingford Lough and ROAD TO RICHES.
BROWN 71 7 11-7 4 Kylemore Lough 6 11-7 SANTOS ( 1 10"Fletchers Carberry 1 (D) (4yo+) soft, Milsean, 16" 150 ARBRE DE 150 Class3 (4yo+) settled behind 7P-1F7 157 Measureofmydreams, ahead 11F-81 tracked leaders, 3 out and 8,17 13244 8 A couple of falls saw him briefly return to hurdling, but he bounced back to win at Aintree and Punchestown last year.
The big disappointment was market rival Kingscourt Native who was the first under pressure in a effort to catch 50-1 chance Big Jim but Arbre De Vie was travelling so much better, taking up the lead at the second last flight and successful by 11 lengths.