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ARBSAerial Refueling Boom System (EADS North America)
ARBSAnnual Review of Biomedical Sciences
ARBSAngle Rate Bombing System
ARBSAngle Rate Bombing Set
ARBSAlgorithmic and Rule-Based Blackboard System
ARBSAutomated Repair Bureau System (Sprint)
ARBSAngular/Angle-Rate Bombing System
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Ultimately, our goal is to be certain that no ARBs with unacceptable impurity levels reach patients.
The only solution is to force Kenyans to save money during their working life," Mr Nyakundi said.He added that ARBS has realised that the Sh2,000 to S,000 stipend given to the elderly cannot enable one live decently, hence the need for a national conversation.
DAR also distributed 1,361 CLOAs to 1,709 ARBs in Davao Region, involving a total of 1,452 hectares of lands acquired and distributed to them.
Under the Accessible Funds For Delivery to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (AFFORD-ARBs) Program, ARBs may avail themselves loans to finance production of rice, corn, and high-value crops, as well as the acquisition of small farm implements.
Bank of the Philippines, where the government has not been able to collect land amortization, while the ARBs have not been able to fully pay the lands for them to become full owners, due to the difficulty in generating the Land Distribution and Information Schedule.
The main findings of this study of a DN cohort were that compared with ARB treatment alone, DPP4i combined with ARBs markedly decreased proteinuria levels and attenuated renal function decline, and the renoprotective effect of the combined therapy was independent of glycemic control.
Oxfam's study on AVAs involving banana plantations, also in Mindanao, bared that most ARBs are 'embroiled in onerous contracts with banana exporters such that they get to see very little of their hard work translated into actual economic improvement.
Tahir Hussain said that the data presented by both the speakers has shown that there is hardly any difference in safety and efficacy of ACEIs and ARBs, only ARBs are a little better tolerated.
ARBs as chronic medication) against the downstream costs (treatment of the cardiovascular disorders/ complications).
Arbs reappeared in a September 1988 LeCroy article that featured one of the instruments generating a video test waveform.