ARCADAdvanced Riot Control Agent Device
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In the ARCAD system this device has been replaced with voice commands.
This simple experiment described above demonstrates that the ARCAD approach is possible with real time interaction and communication with the user.
Shoppers can experience a similar lure at arcades. Though fewer remain than public markets, shopping arcades recall the human scale of bygone days.
Scores of public markets and arcades are listed in the National Register of Historic Places as landmarks of social and architectural significance.
Public markets and arcades are unique and distinct from each other, yet there are management features common to both.
Whether downtown or in the city neighborhoods, public markets and arcades exist within a well-defined and sensible context something that is too frequently amiss in our suburbs.
Articulated elements such as landscaped, tiered promenades overlooking the grand esplanade, and burnished, high-quality finishes in these newer downtown shopping centers are derived from America's first arcades.
The basic structure of both markets and arcades is the same--a peaked, sometime glazed roof, trussed to the side and end walls in the markets and to columns made invisible by store-fronts in the arcades.
Another obvious similarity between public markets and arcades is the age of the buildings.
Arcadis (EURONEXT: ARCAD), a company that deals with consulting, design, planning, engineering, and management services, has announced its second quarter of 2009 financial results.