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ARCANEAssociated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient Near East (Germany)
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Our clientele seek out uniqueness and appreciate the quality that Fantome Arcane delivers," said Christian Meunier, CEO of Fantome.
Tickets for the Kasbah show, when Arcane Roots will be joined by American rockers Coheed and Cambria, are PS18.
This is not where the impact of Arcane Roots lie though.
Most traditional stories depend on one or two arcane points to unlock the mystery, but recently a subgenre has developed that is dense with arcana.
In a book that is more than 600 pages--a third of them given over to documents, sources and interpretation, notes and remarks--Melvin Patrick Ely is a diligent and resourceful guide as he captures a remarkable piece of arcane African American history.
Amar Bose gets to plan products 10 years out, and the CEO of a public company gets to spend time figuring out what arcane financing rule he is in violation of.
Words that show up in spelling bees are often absurdly arcane, and when contestants ask to hear them used in a sentence, it's the perfect setup for incongruously adult punch lines.
Vruwink adopted Martha's baggy, indistinct style of dress and filmed herself cooking, sewing, assembling project after arcane project: pink candles that look like sugary petits fours, ribbon-trimmed tote bags, and other objects of a more ambiguous function.
The Fed likes to be portrayed as the all-knowing protector of the arcane economy--fighting inflation to save Americans from ignoble impulses.
The process is often a daunting one, involving reams of paperwork, arcane language, and an interminable wait.