ArCATArmy Capabilities Assessment Tool (US Army)
ArCATArchives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto (Canada)
ArCATAssessment Results Consumer and Analysis Tool (US Army)
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34) Report on "Diocesan Catechetical Activities" for 1944-45, ARCAT, EDSC04.
Serving as an online resource center for nearly 3 million architects, engineers and contractors, ARCAT provides a database of technical data, catalogs, videos and specifications from more than 11,000 manufacturers.
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Adding Thermafiber BIM objects to ARCAT supports our Thermafiber Insolutions.
Teniendo en cuenta las muestras positivas por ARCAT, que es el metodo descrito por Clesceri et al.
Structurally, the levels of the CAT system parallel the state administrative units: the first level, the community, is represented by an Association of Alcoholic Treatment Clubs (ACATs); groupings of the local associations form APCATs at the provincial level; ARCATs are formed through groupings at the regional level; and nationally, the Italian Association, or AICAT, is the associative body.
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In addition to creating accurate graphics, ARCAT and Stoneyard.
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