ARCCAAustralian Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Association (Australia)
ARCCAArmy Reserve Clinical Credentialing Affairs (US Army)
ARCCAArmy Reserve Centralized Credential Agency (US DoD)
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ARCCA uses the peer review process to "ensure the expert has covered all aspects of the loss and that the report is clear and reads well, along with making sure nothing was missed during the inspection phase.
Larry Sicher is the director of accident reconstruction at ARCCA, Inc., as well as a senior crashworthiness engineer.
"The new super computer will enable us to compete on research terms with the best universities in the world, and provide a unique opportunity to deliver on ARCCA's coremission of research enablement - our goal is to establish Advanced Research Computing as an invaluable tool for research across all schools."
Following their review of ARCCA's findings, the prosecutor's office re-interviewed the officer who responded to the incident.
Wayne Denham, BSME, ACTAR, is a senior engineer at ARCCA Inc.
Wayne Denham, BSME, ACTAR#1995, is a senior engineer at ARCCA, Inc.
Employing the laws of physics and human tolerance, ARCCA's biomechanics analyze the forces of the impact and whether a mechanism of injury existed during the impact.
Utilizing an ARCCA biomechanical-oriented accident reconstruction and injury mechanism analysis often can produce a strong defense against these claimed injuries.
Information ARCCA looks at are expert AutoStats and VINDeCoder data sheets for involved vehicles and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Damage Repair Costs in Four Low-Speed Crash Tests at Five MPH.
With the above facts in hand, the ARCCA biomechanic will review the claimed injuries one by one, addressing whether or not there were sufficient forces present in this event that could have produced an injury mechanism to have caused each of the alleged injuries.