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Among ARCCO payment recipients, the HSD tests fail to reject mean equality across groups, averaging $39.39 per acre (Figure 5).
H = arccos k/[square root of 1-[k.sup.2]] = a/[square root of 1 -[k.sup.2]], a = arccos k.
[alpha] = arccos [R - [DELTA]t]/R = [4.5 - 0.3]/4.5 = 21.04[degrees].
D = R x arccos (cos [[phi].sub.1] cos [[phi].sub.2] cos ([[theta].sub.1] - [[theta].sub.2]) + sin [[phi].sub.1] cos [[phi].sub.2]), (7)
For the second boundary point, [[alpha].sub.1] is determined by the first and second boundary points via [[alpha].sub.1] = arccos [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The same reasoning leads to the same result for the arccos function.
[] = [R.sup.2] arccos (1 - h/R) - (R - h) [square root of (2Rh - [h.sup.2])] [A.sub.h>R] = [pi][R.sup.2] - [R.sup.2] arccos (1 - h/R) + (R - [h.sub.norm]) [square root of (2Rh - [h.sup.2])].
[n.summation over (i=1)] [Q.sub.i] = [P.sub.i][tan (arccos [[phi].sub.1]) - tan (arccos [[phi].sub.2])].
For [W.sub.II] we have [w.sup.II.sub.0] [approximately equal to] 0.9996 and [[tau].sup.II.sub.0] = arccos (-[beta])/[square root of 1 - [[beta].sup.2] [approximately equal to] 1.5993].
[k.sub.1] arccos (m)/[pi][square root of (lN[m.sup.-1] [less than or equal to] [k.sub.2] arccos (m)/[pi][square root of (lN[m.sup.-1].
[[theta].sub.i] = arcos [[v.sup.T.sub.i][w.sub.i]/[parallel] [v.sub.i][parallel][parallel][w.sub.i][parallel]] = arccos [[v.sup.T.sub.i][w.sub.i]/[parallel][w.sub.i][parallel]], (11)
[[theta].sub.n] (t) = arccos [[[mu].sub.m,n]([omega]) cos [[[theta].sub.m] (t)]].