ARCENTUS Army Forces, US Central Command (US DoD)
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In the second phase of implementation, ARCENT was able to develop a strategy for integrating data sets across various legacy financial, logistics, and travel systems.
By October 2010, 90 percent of ARCENT payments were made in retrograde.
CDDOC and ARCENT expanded the capabilities to tender transportation services in support of all commands and other U.
As a pioneer in creating logistics doctrine on the battlefield, the LOGCAP program in Kuwait has proven itself to be a value-added force multiplier in ARCENT's full-spectrum logistics effort.
Army Central Land Forces Symposium brings together senior military leaders in the ARCENT area of responsibility to enhance security in the region.
It is a challenge for the ECO Soldiers stationed in Iraq, who use the Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document (OEBGD), the United States Army Forces Central Command (ARCENT), and MNC-I C-7 Environmental standing operating procedures as the standard for environmental issues.
On 15 December, the unit was chopped to Army Central Command's (ARCENT's) Medical Command as an Echelons Above Corps (EAC) asset to provide hospital ship mission coverage in the gulf.
During the preparatory phase to Iraqi Freedom, US Army and Air Force host-nation support personnel, working out of US Army Forces, US Central Command (ARCENT) FWD/S5, negotiated an extension of this contract to apply to all deployed soldiers.
(11) This caused problems for all involved because when individual corps commanders changed their FSCL, that action caused the United States Army Forces Central Command (ARCENT) consolidated FSCL to change too frequently.
For Operation Desert Storm, INSCOM elements played significant roles at several of CENTCOM's joint intelligence centers, and the 513th's echelons above corps operations center was expanded by a full battalion and placed in support of ARCENT's G-2.