ARCEPAutorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (France)
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The head of ARCEP, Sebastian Soriano, has suggested that telecom companies can always switch to any other suppliers if Huawei is facing trouble, reported Sputnik.
[6] ARCEP, "Partage de reseaux mmobile: Projet de lignes directrices et analyse preliminaire des contrats existants," Republique Francaise, ARCEP, Tech.
Moreover, we consider whether regulation of termination rates by ARCEP, and of roaming charges by the European Commission, impacted quality-adjusted prices.
Arcep (2014): Decision no 2014-0733 of 26 june 2014, Decision portant sur la definition du marche pertinent de gros des offres d'acces aux infrastructures physiques constitutives de la boucle locale filaire, sur la designation d'un operateur exercant une influence significative sur ce marche et sur les obligations imposees a cet operateur sur ce marche,
ARCEP further clarified the rules in place by issuing a Guide specific to fibre deployment in MDUs in 2011 as well as a standard terms and conditions (ARCEP, 2011) Finally, the French government updated the rules in 2014 via Order 2014-329 relating the digital economy within the framework of Article 1 of the Law 2014-1, and this enables the government to simplify and secure decisions in certain ways.
The trial system, which uses L-band frequencies for testing, was authorised by the French telecoms regulator, Arcep, in June 2012.
No Magic Wand In the phone industry, regulator Arcep said in March companies may eliminate as many as 10,000 jobs to adapt to competition from Iliad SA (ILD)Os new mobile service.
An annual survey conducted by the telecoms regulator Arcep and Credoc showed that 4% of the French read books on a computer screen, a mobile device or a tablet.
France took in 936 million euros ($1.3 billion) from the auction of fre quencies to build 4th-generation mo bile telephone networks, telecom munications regulator Arcep said.
In contrast, prices for mobile dropped 2.8 percent a year between 2006-2009, according to France's telecom regulator ARCEP.
(36) The French regulatory authority, ARCEP, proposed such a loose interpretation twice, claiming joint dominance both in the draft notifications on the analysis of the wholesale market for access and call origination on public mobile networks and in a public consultation on the analysis of the wholesale national market for international roaming services on public mobile networks.