ARCEPAutorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (France)
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ARCEP further clarified the rules in place by issuing a Guide specific to fibre deployment in MDUs in 2011 as well as a standard terms and conditions (ARCEP, 2011) Finally, the French government updated the rules in 2014 via Order 2014-329 relating the digital economy within the framework of Article 1 of the Law 2014-1, and this enables the government to simplify and secure decisions in certain ways.
fr is a darling of American community broadband hawks who fail to appreciate the fact that ARCEP gave Free Mobile extraordinary concessions because it was desperate to create the appearance of dynamism in its stagnant mobile broadband market.
Como en el caso de la Cofetel, la ARCEP participa en la puesta en marcha de estos reglamentos y es consultada como organo especializado, particularmente por el ministro responsable de telecomunicaciones, aunque no exclusivamente.
43) As explained supra note 26, in May 2005 ARCEP withdrew the notified draft measure whereby Orange France, SFR and Bouygues Telecom were alleged to be jointly dominant in the wholesale mobile access and call origination market.
In line with Article 7(a) of the Telecommunications Framework Directive (2009/140/EC), the French regulator ARCEP now has three months to work out a solution to this case with the Commission and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).
Gauthey, a college member of the French regulatory body, ARCEP, will report to Ben Verwaayen, the company CEO.
In May 2008, Analysys Mason and Hogan & Hartson conducted a study for the French regulator ARCEP to quantify the impact of the French Government's decision.
The report includes data analysis of the four key telecoms markets - mobile, fixed-line, broadband and pay-TV - based on data disclosed by the principal operators, as well as the national regulatory authority, ARCEP.
ARCEP (2015) reveals that more than half of the France internet traffic is delivered by only 5 autonomous systems (corresponding to service suppliers, hosting providers or technical intermediaries), out of the 60 000 that make up the internet.
89) See, for example, ARCEP Report to Parliament and the Government on Net Neutrality, of September 2012.
Access to the subsidised infrastructure will be under the control of the national regulator ARCEP.
ARCEP, a telecomms regulator in France, has revealed it is preparing to issue a fourth 3G licence and is considering plans to allow the current 2G GSM frequency bands to be used to operate WCDMA networks.