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ARCHArches National Park (US National Park Service)
ARCHAutoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
ARCHAdvocacy Resource Centre for the Handicapped
ARCHAssociation of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists
ARCHAdult Residential Care Home
ARCHAnimal Rights Collective of Halifax (Canada)
ARCHAccess Response Channel
ARCHAir Rotary Casing Hammer
ARCHAssociation for Radio Controlled Helicopters
ARCHAir Rescue Consortium of Hospitals (air medical services company)
ARCHAdvocates for Reproductive Choice in Healthcare
ARCHAdvanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware
ARCHARgonne CHicago (ARCH Development Corp.)
ARCHAutomatic Remote Cassette Handler
ARCHAction Research and Community Health and Development
ARCHAir Forces' Regional Communications Hub
ARCHAuto Rétro Club Herblaysien (French vintage car club)
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Information regarding arch dimensions in human populations is important in different dental specialities including orthodontics.
1) Branchial remnants are derived from the first arch in 5 to 10% of cases.
Prior to its December 2005 lease expiration, the landlord accommodated Arch Chemicals with a one-year lease extension so it could determine its long-term internal space requirements.
Some dancers complain that snug leather shoes bunch at the arch when they point their feet.
When rangers examined the fallen arch, they found footprints nearby, and piles of trash and beer bottles.
Arch form refers to the overall configuration of the dental arch and this takes into account symmetry, roundness, elongation and convexity.
The ICR has been upgraded to "bbb" for Arch Capital Group Limited.
The maxilla and premaxilla are the bones over the palatoquadrate, and the dentary is the dermal bone over Meckel's cartilage (these, remember, were once the mandibular gill arch, situated in the second head segment).
Best anticipates that Arch Europe's future performance will be good, supported by the commitment of its management to moderate business volumes when opportunities in the market are scarce.
During the 2002-September 2006 period, Arch also generated less volatile underwriting results than many of its peers as evidenced by combined ratios that ranged from a high of 95.
McDonald's is at the forefront of the quick service restaurant industry and the Arch Card represents the next level in providing a convenient way to pay for meals.
NYSE:IFF), has been elected to Arch Chemicals' (NYSE:ARJ) Board of Directors, effective immediately.