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ARCHESAssessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures (EU Specific Targeted Research Project)
ARCHESAbrupt Climate Change Studies
ARCHESAquinas Roman Catholic Home Education Services (est. 1995; Wyoming, MN)
ARCHESAssociation de Réflexion, de Communication Hospitalières et Éducatives pour la Santé
ARCHESAppui aux Recherches sur la Contextualisation et l'Harmonisation des Enseignements Secondaires (French: Support for Research on Contextualization and Harmonization of Secondary Education)
ARCHESAdvocates to Revitalize Cultural and Historic Elgin Sites (Elgin, IL)
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The Saxon architect completed the erection of the first pillars of the nave, when the pointed arch, which dates from the Crusade, arrived and placed itself as a conqueror upon the large Romanesque capitals which should support only round arches.
And yet its arches, its columns, and its statues proclaim it to have been built by an enlightened race.
DOWN in the deep blue sea lived Ripple, a happy little Water-Spirit; all day long she danced beneath the coral arches, made garlands of bright ocean flowers, or floated on the great waves that sparkled in the sunlight; but the pastime that she loved best was lying in the many-colored shells upon the shore, listening to the low, murmuring music the waves had taught them long ago; and here for hours the little Spirit lay watching the sea and sky, while singing gayly to herself.