ARCIAssociazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana (Italian Cultural Recreational Association)
ARCIAssociation of Racing Commissioners International
ARCIAcoustic Rapid COTS Insertion
ARCIAmerican Refugee Committee International
ARCIAmerican Railway Car Institute
ARCIAccounts Receivable Collections, Inc.
ARCIAccountability, Responsibility, Consulted, Informed (ITIL)
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and of course the adventurous spirit in Arci would be more than willing.
FTDES and Arci decry a breach of national and international conventions at the migration centre of Caltanissetta.
The erythroderma and scale phenotype occurs most commonly in ARCI and Netherton syndrome.
NPS drugs are believed to be compounded in order to avoid detection by human testing labs," added the ARCI.
The Italian NGO Arci Cultura e Sviluppo (ARCS) represented by Gaia Vianello, the Lebanese NGO Mada and the president of the Federation of the Municipalities of Hermel, Hajj Moustapha Taha, presented the Tourist Guide of the qada of Hermel, as part of the project "Women and Nature between Hermel, Akkar and Nabatieh.
The term arci serves as an overarching category for arts and culture in the city--there is Arcigay, the Italian lesbian and gay association and ArciLesbica (arcilesbica.
Hallucinogen Rating Scale (HRS) and ARCI LSD Subscales
ARCI enabled our submarine fleet to improve towed-array sensor performance seven-fold while saving $4 billion over seven years.
In addition, the course discusses best practices in OA contracting, ways to properly incentivize contractors, OA-related intellectual property rights issues, and some examples of the successful implementation of OA in the ARCI (Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion) and E-2 Hawkeye programs.
Ken Meyer, ARCI's research ecologist and co-director, ARCI has constructed a scientific and social framework to encourage the Swallow-tailed Kite's successful reproduction within private forestlands.
He joined and later became a leader of Arci Gay, the national activist organization that began as an offshoot of the Communist Party.