ARCICAnglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
ARCICArmy Capabilities Integration Center (US Army)
ARCICAnglican and Roman Catholic Communions
ARCICAccident Rehabilitation & Compensation Insurance Corporation (New Zealand)
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The ARCIC, as well as all warfighting functions, uses the Army Capabilities Assessment Tool (ArCAT) to perform the CNA/CBA.
Brian Vogt, simulations operations officer and the project lead for Operation Overmatch at ARCIC.
Initiatives: Army Warfighting Challenges," ARCIC, January 9, 2017, www.
Army Training and Doctrine Command (for example, ARCIC wargames), the Joint Staff (for example, studies and war plans), and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (for example, the Office of Net Assessment and the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental in Silicon Valley).
Cubic will support ARCICs overall efforts for FSP/UQ events including, planning, preparation, execution, assessment and analytical integration.
These include Anglican priest and ARCIC II and III participant Charles Sherlock's "Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Ethics and Moral Theology: An Anglican Perspective.
More recently, some segments of the Anglican Communion have departed from the common biblical teaching on human sexuality--already clearly stated in the ARCIC document "Life in Christ"--by the ordination of openly homosexual clergy and the blessing of homosexual partnerships.
Reath has provided a number of helpful appendices which address several of the ARCIC documents.
For more information on the ARCIC, visit the center's Web site at <http://www.
SIR - I find it ironic that Arcic - the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission - has produced a document claiming Anglican assent for Catholic doctrine concerning Mary, at a time when devotion to her among Catholics has reached an all-time low.