ARCISSAssociation of Research Centres in the Social Sciences (UK)
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South Sudan now has the opportunity to exit from the trap if it fully implements the ARCISS, which is supported by both regional and international development partners.
It must revisit the ARCISS and prepare the nation for a fresh transition.
I think John Kery needs to do the same to Dr Riek Machar, the champion of ARCISS whom they have arbitrarily exiled in South Africa and the people of South Sudan he condemned to famine, displacement and mass-murder by the junta he legitimized in violation of the Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) which cost US taxpayers millions of US dollars to sponsor in Addis-Ababa.
At first, IGAD was of the opinion that the ARCISS has been violated but when Secretary of State, Hon.
The issues discussed included; The proposed National Dialogue, rampant insecurity and its effects, critique and implementation of ARCISS (peace agreement), SPLM reunification, the current humanitarian catastrophe and the collapsed economy," said the statement.
On the second and three, the chairman called for initiation of a political forum for the parties to engage on the peaceful settlement of the conflict, resuscitate and review the ARCISS [Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan]," said Lam.