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ARCLArchives Recherches Cultures Lesbiennes (French: Archives, Research of Lesbian Cultures; Paris, France)
ARCLAmateur Radio Club Leipzig eV (Germany)
ARCLAnnual Review of Cognitive Linguistics (publication)
ARCLAlpine Renault Club Limburg (Belgium)
ARCLAlan Reay Consultants Ltd. (est. 1970; New Zealand)
ARCLAlfa Romeo Club Luxembourg (automobile club; Luxembourg)
ARCLAllowable Residual Contamination Level
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To evaluate the accuracy of measurements, differences and absolute differences between the 3D planning and the ARCL were calculated and statistically analyzed.
When differences between the 3D Endo Software and the ARCL were calculated, a tendency toward smaller measurements was observed (Fig.
This suggests that the mutation impairs P5CR1 function in vivo, and our findings demonstrate that this mutation may be linked to ARCL.
Our study demonstrates that the change of activity in the R119G mutant could be related to ARCL. The affinity for substrates is decreased with the mutant enzyme ([K.sub.m] = 1.28 mM) when compared to WT ([K.sub.m] = 0.20 mM).
Generally for the quantification of As, as it is monoisotopic the polyatomic interference caused by ArCl needs to be compromised this is treated as a drawback for the quantification of As.
ARCL's relatively low debts and stable accruals have resulted in comfortable coverage levels.
The arcl from physics principles bears a nearly one-to-one correspondence with the continuous degree of intrinsic dimming and brightening that the crescent undergoes as its orbit returns to and then departs from conjunction, accompanied by the decrease and then increase of its illumination phase angle.
Since the arcl continuously varies, its use as a parameter requires a decision about the appropriate moment to takes its measure.
As part of Strand 2 of the ARCL project, researchers have been observing IDL lessons and interviewing stakeholders in order to develop a better understanding of how students, teachers, parents/carers and others use the technology, what they feel about their engagement in IDL activities and how those experiences influence their perceptions, satisfaction, behaviours, working practices, learning process and (learning) outcomes.