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ARCOSAssociation for Rehabilitation of Communication and Oral Skills (UK)
ARCOSAutomation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (Drug Enforcement Administration)
ARCOSAmericas Region Caribbean Optical-Ring System
ARCOSAfrican Rural Community Shepherds (Uganda)
ARCOSAuckland Region Coronary or Stroke Study (Ministry of Health; New Zealand)
ARCOSAutomated Roster Callout System
ARCOSArea Cosine (trigonometry)
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Last year saw events like Hurricanes Irma and Harvey batter service territories, but we also saw utilities respond in unprecedented ways with technology ARCOS developed for automating damage assessment and resource management.
New World Network has a unique hybrid ownership structure whereby the leading 28 carriers in the region are co-owners in the ARCOS cable system.
American and Canadian electric, gas and water utilities along with power generation plants rely on ARCOS to keep service running.
EWEB now relies on ARCOS to automatically track all available water troubleshooters and the crews able to respond to and restore service interruptions.