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ARCSAstra Return Channel System
ARCSAdvanced Research Computing Services
ARCSAssessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
ARCSAfghan Red Crescent Society
ARCSAdministrative Records Classification System
ARCSAutomation, Robotics and Control Systems (International Conference)
ARCSAdmiralty Raster Chart Service
ARCSAssociation of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists (Australia)
ARCSAtmospheric Radiation and Cloud Station (various locations)
ARCSAustrian Research Centre Seibersdorf (nuclear research; Seibersdorf, Austria)
ARCSAssociate of the Royal College of Science (London UK)
ARCSAlternative Remedial Contracting Strategy
ARCSAustralian Red Cross Society Field Force
ARCSAdvanced Reader's Collocation Searcher
ARCSAir Resupply and Communications Service (USAF)
ARCSAerial Rocket Control System
ARCSAnalogue Radio Concentrator System
ARCSAft Reaction Control System
ARCSAssociation of Responsible Cigarette Sellers
ARCSAutomated Reusable Components System
ARCSAdvanced Reconfigurable Computer System
ARCSAttack-Resistant Cooperation Stimulation
ARCSAutomatic Reactor Control System
ARCSAdoption Resource and Counseling Services (Canada)
ARCSAircraft Requirements Computer System
ARCSArmy Combat Support
ARCSAutomated Raster Cartography System
ARCSAutomated Reject Control System
ARCSAppeals Records Control System
ARCSAutomated Reporting and Control System
ARCSAerospace Resources and Configuration System
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This gravitational disturbance travels through the arcs at the right speed to be associated with Galatea, she says.
About half a dozen luminous arcs are known, and systematic searches now in progress will probably unveil a few dozen more examples, further increasing the chances of observing a supernova.
ARC Systems provides Aames with the automation necessary to leverage the Internet's power to close more loans and to benefit customers by making immediate credit decisions.
Dixie Arc's tradition of excellence, superior knowledge and extensive experience in arc furnace technology makes them ideally suited to engineer and manufacture the first commercial-sized AquaFuel production unit," stated Leon Toups, CEO of TTL.
The ARCsound subsystem includes state-of-the-art audio codec software, a preconfigured ARC processor with custom audio extensions and a full suite of hardware and software development tools.
The ARCsound audio subsystem is already shipping to customers and is available now from ARC International.
ARC is pleased to announce the next family of industry leading multi-standard multimedia subsystems to satisfy the power, cost and time-to-market requirements of today's consumer-based SoCs," said Dan Davis, director of multimedia solutions at ARC International.
ARC International (LSE:ARK) the leader in configurable processor technology, and Green Hills Software, Inc.
The ARCsound subsystem is one of many ways ARC International is helping customers quickly deploy optimized products for high-growth consumer applications.
ARC's configurable cores are an excellent foundation for application-specific subsystems," said Derek Meyer, ARC VP Marketing.
By providing a factory-wide coordinate frame, Arc Second enables providers of robotic systems, measurement instruments, material handling equipment and other devices with the freedom to move about the factory.
Following a successful trial in select RadioShack stores, ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.