ARCSHSAustralian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society
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The 4th National Survey of Australian Secondary Students conducted by the ARCSHS, revealed that students considered school SRE as one of their top three sources of trusted information for sex, relationships and sexual health (Smith et al.
While parents play an important role in teaching their children about sexuality and relationships (Phillips, cited in The Mercury, 2010), ARCSHS (1999) suggests that parents aren't always knowledgeable or comfortable speaking about it to their children.
While the percentages were only low, student input to programs not only encourages a whole school approach (ARCSHS, 1999), but could help teachers and curriculum developers to develop valuable learning experiences that addresses the needs of students and provide students with information that they want to learn (Courier Mail, 2009; Gourlay, 2006 cited in ARCSHS, 1999).