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ARCSINArcus Sine (trigonometry)
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[[??].sub.k] = arcsin ([[mu].sub.k] + [l.sup.0.sub.[theta]] [lambda]/2[d.sub.s]), (28)
(3.14) [q.summation over (j=1)] ([[alpha].sub.j+1] - [[beta].sub.j]) 2[epsilon] < 4/[sigma]+2[epsilon] arcsin [square root of ([delta]/2)]
Parasitism rates data (p) were transformed by arcsin [(p).sup.1/2] in order to better fit the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variances for ANOVA.
--crank slider (crank head) inclination angle [alpha] = arcsin [l.sub.2] x [[lambda].sub.3]/n = 23,8[degrees].
[A.sub.proj] = [R.sup.2] x [[pi]-arcsin a/R + 1/2 x sin (2 x arcsin a/R)] .
Two-dimensional curve is interpolated via different functions as probability distribution functions: polynomial, sinus, cosine, tangent, cotangent, logarithm, exponent, arcsin, arccos, arctan, arcctg or power function, also inverse functions.
Percentages were statistically processed using arcsin square root transformation and actual percentage values are given in the figures.
ASCII] sub.L])) Arcsin arcsin [MATHEMATICAL [sin.sup.2] [square EXPRESSION NOT ([[theta].sub.L]), root of REPRODUCIBLE IN [sin.sup.2] [??] ASCII] ([[theta].sub.U])) Loglog log[-log(1- [MATHEMATICAL (1-exp (-exp [??])] EXPRESSION NOT ([[theta].
The arcsin [square root of x] transformation was used to normalize the fraction of cells in the S phase, fraction of cells in the G2/M phases, and RSG1.
Tannin and dry matter data were transformed by arcsin v (tannin/100), and arsin v (dry matter/100).