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ARCTAfrican Regional Centre for Technology
ARCTAssociate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto
ARCTAir Refueling Control Time
ARCTAir Refueling Control Team
ARCTAlbanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture Victims
ARCTArmy Radio Code Aptitude Test
ARCTAmphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (UK)
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As our recently announced events for AR Capital sponsored programs including ARC Global, ARC HT II and ARCT V demonstrate, we will look to further expand our track record of creating value by executing on strategic opportunities.
5937 of its perpetual preferred securities for each ARCT IV share.
AaAa Established in 1977 under the aegis of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Union, the ARCT is an Intergovernmental Organization that comprises 31 member states.
ARCT in Composition and Theory: Alexander Rapoport, examiner
The second step was the development of an HPLC method that would allow the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the T4 molecule present in FT4SS and in the Na-T4-5 H2O powder raw material from which the stock is manufactured and which could also be used as the USP T4 equivalent in the in-house ARCT.
It sounds like the stuff I wrote as assignment pieces when I was studying toward my ARCT in composition: pieces intended to achieve a certain musical goal, to fulfil certain artificial requirements (e.
Level TCL ABRSM RCM Preliminary Initial Grade Introductory Grade Beginner Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 4 Intermediate Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 6 Grade 5 Grade 7 Advanced Grade 6 Grade 6 Grade 8 Grade 7 Grade 7 Grade 9 Grade 8 Grade 8 Grade 10 Diploma / Dip--Performer Dip--Director Licentiate Dip--Teacher Dip--Performer ARCT (*)--Performers Dip--Teacher ARCT--Teachers (*) Associate of the Royal Conservatory Toronto TABLE 2.
In January 2013, ARCT completed its merger with Realty Income (NYSE: O).
6 January 2014 -- New York-based American Realty Capital Properties Inc (NASDAQ: ARCP) said it has closed its transaction to acquire American Realty Capital Trust IV Inc following the approval of the transaction by ARCT IV stockholders at ARCT IV's special meeting.
With 80 years experience SwissTex Winterthur and SwissTex France (previously known under the brands Verdol, ARCT, ICBT, Rieter and RITM) are major players in the field of textile machinery.
The clinicians began by providing an overview of the general goals and curriculum structure of the program, as well as outlining the requirements for all three levels of the program: elementary, intermediate and advanced, culminating with the ARCT Teachers Diploma.