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ARDCAgricultural Refinance and Development Corporation
ARDCAmateur Radio Digital Communications
ARDCAfrica Regional Development Centre (HelpAge International)
ARDCAttorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
ARDCAir Research & Development Center
ARDCAir Research and Development Command
ARDCAustralian Racing Drivers Club
ARDCAmerican Racing Drivers Club
ARDCAirport Road Diagnostic Centre (Sudan)
ARDCAdvanced Radical Distribution Control
ARDCAerospace Research and Development Center (Kelly Space & Technology, Inc.)
ARDCAdvanced Radar and Deception Countermeasures
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Northwestern Canada alone contains millions of hectares of potentially arable land, along with large forest reserves (Ehlers, 1970; ARDC, 1974).
The ARDC offers professionals who are trained in addressing the physical and psychological effects of migration, torture, and rape.
Plater Gooden, CCO, CCS, ARDC supervisor, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Angola
Between this time and 2004, when the ARDC was formally incorporated, the group operated on an interim and informal basis, supporting other refugees on an ad-hoc basis with their applications for asylum, and assisting with general welfare and humanitarian issues, usually by putting them in touch with the charitable organisations and NGOs that already existed in the field.
Effective buffer area averaged 6%, 12%, 40%, and 81% of the gross buffer area on the Rogers, Burr, ARDC, and Hamilton farms, respectively.
The ARDC is making plans for an automotive safety research initiative and an expansion of its road-simulator laboratory.
ARDC seeks to provide an attractive level of total return, primarily through current income and, secondarily, through capital appreciation.
On a practical note, says past ISBA president Cheryl Niro, now a principal with former ARDC Administrator Mary Robinson, of RobinsonNiro LLC, remember that jerks are probably better at being jerks than you are.
2]), very late flowering (late August to mid-September when sown in early June at ARDC, Mead), hay-type foxtail millet with stems 0.
ARDC managed more than 6,400 research and development contracts, engaging some 1,500 major companies.
Los Angeles has always presented the enormous challenge of creating synergy," says ARDC Artistic Director Bonnie Oda Homsey.
A strong proponent of technology and practice management software designed for lawyers, Moss nevertheless says, "No software will help you avoid ARDC claims.