ARDEAnnual Review of Development Effectiveness (World Bank)
ARDEArmament Research and Development Establishment (Pune, India)
ARDEAlianza Revolucionaria Democrática (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Alliance; Nicaragua)
ARDEAcción Republicana Democrática Española (Spanish: Spanish Democratic Republican Action)
ARDEaspect ratio dependent etching
ARDEPublishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (US Marine Corps)
ARDEAssociazione Romana di Entomologia (Italian: Rome Entomological Association; Italy)
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Briefing the Committee about the creation of ARDE, Secretary Ministry of Defence Production said that during embargoes in 1965 and 1971 wars, the authorities felt necessity to achieve self-reliance in conventional munitions by developing and utilizing local industrial potential.
He said that ARDE was established in 1974 under DGMP, MoD to develop armaments stores for three services to achieve the goals of indigenous development of armament.
Representative from ARDE briefed the Committee regarding its (ARDE) research, development and functions.
He said that presently, ARDE had engaged private industries for development purpose.
The case was due to be heard in March this year, but an out-of-court settlement - one of the largest of its kind in Wales - has now been awarded to Mr Arde.
The damages will enable Mr Arde, 28, to maintain a round-theclock regime of six carers and provide new specially-adapted accommodation.
"I am delighted with the result, " said Mr Arde who lives in Cwmbran.