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ARDISAdvanced Radio Data Information Service
ARDISAdvanced Radio Data Information Service (wireless two-way data network)
ARDISAdvanced National Radio Data Service
ARDISArmy RDTE Information System
ARDISArmy Research and Development Information System
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"Using FileCatalyst with DDP, the easiest SAN around, further supports our initiative of global media production workflows," stated Jan de Wit, CEO of Ardis Technologies.
Now, as in the year before they took her away, Ardis cannot touch me or her other children: despite the doctors, her hands are still poisoned.
Ardis, Peoria's mayor for the last nine years, said he felt the tweets "went way over the line'' and made him "a victim of sexual doggerel and filth.''
Since the account initially portrayed itself as authentically belonging to Ardis, the mayor claimed that Daniel was falsely impersonating a public official.
New Doctor Peter Capaldi poses outside the ew Doctor Peter Capaldi poses outside the Tardis ardis Tardis T | PETER BOLTER
He said: "Ardis was nicknamed Mr Benn because he always used to come in here wearing some sort of clobber."
Ardis Hoven, MD, this year's AMA president, discussed the AMA's efforts to work with Congress to head off the doctor shortage by enabling graduates of medical schools better access to residency positions.
The Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York upheld this type of employee agreement in October 2012 in Ardis Health, LLC v.
Helena Goscilo (editor); LIVES IN TRANSIT; Ardis Publishers, Inc.
Groomsmen were brother of the groom Shawn Hatcher and friends Dennis Boslaugh, Justyn Ardis, and Richy Martin.
Matthew Ardis, career enlisted aviator in-service recruiter, expanded on that point.
Ardis Jensen is a university counselor, holding what is commonly referred to as an academic position.