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If data are found I (0) or I (1), the unrestricted ARDL approach to co- integration is applied.
2013) using ARDL bounds testing approach on the sample period from 1961 to 2010 and confirmed long run relationship between financial development and economic growth in Ghana.
Ahad (2016) analyzed the effect of income disparity, poverty and high prices on crime in Pakistan during 1984 to 2012 by employing ARDL approach.
Now, as two of the variables are stationary at level and two variables are stationary at first difference the ARDL approach is suitable to this model than any other.
Keywords: Economic growth, composition of public expenditure, ARDL.
The ARDL expressions of the adopted private investment models are expressed as Model 2 - Model 4.
The ARDL methods used in the study to interpret and explain the causality relationship between the GDP sectors and the government expenditure components.
The index was used to estimate ARDL and ARMA models to forecast 12-month inflation expectations, the CCI and the CPI.
To show the robustness of the result for the cointegration, the estimates of the ARDL were diagnosed as presented in Table 5 with the normality test; functional test; serial correlation test; heteroscedasticity test and stability tests.
The first step in the ARDL bounds testing approach is to estimate Equation (9 and 10) by ordinary least squares (OLS) in order to test for the existence of a long-run relationship among the variables by conducting an F-test for the joint significance of the coefficients of the lagged levels of the variables, i.
We draw attention to the Westerlund cointegration test being less flexible than the bound test used in time-series ARDL to explore the presence of a long-run relationship.