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ARDRAAmplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis
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A 0,1 matrix, referring to the absence or presence of bands in each isolate, was generated from the RAPD amplifications and ARDRA results.
1782 1825 Arda, ou Ardra, Ardra, petit Arda, on Ardra, Ardra, petit Royaume d'Afrique dans la Guinee royaume d'Afrique dans la Guinee proprement dire, au fond du golfe proprement dire, au fond du de St.
What really prompted us was that many manufacturers and distributors started carrying these products and made them easy and cost-effective to buy," says Ardra Todd, co-owner of Rainbow Pools & Spas in Fishkill, N.
The young couple were on a shortcut driving between Richard's home in Ardra and Caroline's house in Durrus.
Ardra Cole, Rosemary Elijah, and Gary Knowles (San Francisco: Gaddo Press, 1998), 273-288; Warren Bennis, Why Leaders Can't Lead: The Unconscious Conspiracy Continues (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
ARDRA has proved to be useful for the differentiation of bacterial strains at different taxonomic levels, depending on selection of conserved or variable regions followed by digestion using tetracutter restriction enzymes in the ribosomal genes.
Antakshari: Neha Sharma, Isha Rana and Kirti Dash (New Millennium School), Naureen Khan, Dhruthi Vinith and Sahana S Koppad (The Asian School) and Ardra Pavitran, Christina Vinod and Melissa Martis (The Indian School).
Ardra Zinkon--In recognition of her effective leadership of the Conference Steering Committee for the 2014 Annual Conference, "A Confluence of Art and Science.
Multiple regression analysis of the results and cluster analysis of ARDRA fingerprints were performed with the R package (R Development Core Team, 2009).
The first, by Willem Bollee, entitled "Adda or the Oldest Extant Dispute between Jains and Heretics (Suyagada 2,6): part one," focuses upon a dispute between the ajivaka Gosala and a man named Ardra (Pkt.