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ARDRAAmplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis
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"I've always known the importance of tolerance and feel that I've been a very tolerant person even before exploring the subject," says Ardra, who has just completed first year of Bachelor of Arts in Communication majoring in Public Relations.
Representative clones of unique ARDRA patterns were sequenced by automated DNA capillary sequencer 3730 (Applied Biosystems, USA).
Strains with GPE > 10% belonged to six different ARDRA haplotypes (Table 2).
In silico ARDRA was carried out with HhaI using the restriction mapper software (http://www.restrictionmapper .org/) and 16S rRNA gene sequences AB175656 (A.
The subject toppers for each subject as follows: English - Pranov R Krishnan, Deepthy Unnikrishnan, Adeena D S, Farhan Ashraf, Alen Thomas, Fincy Fazil, Architha Nair, Suraj Haridas, Thahira A P, Jessly George, Shahana Arif, Panavally Sujeendran Menon, Athira T Sasidharan, Sushmitha Sudeesh, Mohammed Irfan, Kevin Tom Varghese, Dobin Mathew, Princy Marieam Thomas, Vidhya Jayakrishnan, Anand Ajay Kumar Pillai, Naseefa Usman, Roshny Joseph, Irfan Wasil A, Cleetus David Douglas, T Ganesh, Famy Raheem P A, Ashwin Davis, Ayesha Fathima, Ardra Mohanlal, Vaishakh Sasikumar, Jaseera P V
Development of a group-specific PCR combined with ARDRA for the identification of Bacillus species of environmental significance.
calcoaceticus complex; these methods include amplified rDNA, restriction analysis (ARDRA), ribosomal operon analysis, recA gene and /or rpoB gene sequencing and 16S-23S rRNA gene intergenic spacer analysis (4, 6, 11, 19, 25, 27).
(36.) The conventional order of the twenty-seven or twenty-eight lunar asterisms in Indic astrology is as follows: Agvini, Bharani, Krttikit, Rohini, Mrgagiras, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pusya, Aslesa, Magha, Purva or Purva-phalguni, Uttara or Uttara-phalguni, Hasta, Citra, Svati, Vigakha, Anuradha, Jyetha, Mula, Parva-asadha, Uttara-asadha, Sravana, Sravitha, Satabhisa or Satataraka, Parva-bhadrapada, Uttara-bhadrapaa Revati.
(2002), atraves da caracterizacao molecular da comunidade bacteriana tolerante a salinidade na rizosfera de arroz, utilizando ARDRA, RAPD e sequenciamento do rDNA 16S, encontraram quatro grupos representativos, sendo que um deles, no sequenciamento, apresentou 97% de similaridade com Serratia marcescens.
Further species level identification was done by amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA) as described by Johannes et al (23).