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ARDRAAmplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis
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1782 1825 Arda, ou Ardra, Ardra, petit Arda, on Ardra, Ardra, petit Royaume d'Afrique dans la Guinee royaume d'Afrique dans la Guinee proprement dire, au fond du golfe proprement dire, au fond du de St.
Multiple regression analysis of the results and cluster analysis of ARDRA fingerprints were performed with the R package (R Development Core Team, 2009).
Chavez Green of Pikesville, who plans to study sports medicine at Morgan State University and is the son of employee Ardra Bailey.
The first, by Willem Bollee, entitled "Adda or the Oldest Extant Dispute between Jains and Heretics (Suyagada 2,6): part one," focuses upon a dispute between the ajivaka Gosala and a man named Ardra (Pkt.
IES Conference Steering Committee chairperson Ardra Zinkon explains that the host city, Pittsburgh, inspired the selection of these featured speakers and will shape the conference program itself.
Ardra Zinkon of Tec Studio, Columbus, OH, met her mentee, Ashley Mikels (who is profi led in the "Future Leaders" section on page 33), for the first time at LIGHTFAIR.
Libraries are changing to accommodate the needs of their patrons," says Ardra Paige Zinkon of Tec Studio, who will discuss how the lighting of one library in Cleveland addressed this challenge in her seminar entitled, "Form Follows Function: How Changing Library Practices Are Echoed in Design Choices" (Wednesday, April 24, 10:30 a.
s Ardra Zinkon noted in a "Newsmaker" Q+A in the February issue of LD+A, "I think the best experiences are at that final aiming session, when you show up to the finished job site and you can see that realized design and know that you created something for the people in that space and you have hopefully impacted it for the better.