AREBABA (Abscisic Acid) Response Element Binding
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In accordance with the law, the AREB defined the terms and conditions for the transfer of assets and liabilities of BPA's eligible customers to Vall Banc.
Some of these genes encode transcription factors, which regulate many genes in response to stress, such as zinc finger homeodomain transcription factor family (ZFHD1) (Aoki et al., 2010) and abscisic acid response element-binding protein (AREB) (Orellana et al., 2010; Bastias et al., 2014).
The expression of the AREB gene under NaCl200 stress was higher than under NaCl150 stress and its expression increased by 2.78 and 1.07-fold after treatment with AgNPs compared with its expression in the NaCl150 and NaCl200 controls, respectively.
In a statement, Areb members have agreed that elimination of dog-transmitted human rabies relies on the collaboration of several stakeholders such as veterinarians and physicians; Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture; local authorities; the private sector; the community; international organizations and nongovernment organizations.
The meeting, organized by Areb and Sanofi Pasteur Philippines, was attended by rabies experts of both human and animal health sectors from seven Asean countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines).
ASD wins Karamah * Amin Shqeir Drugstore (ASD) team secured the Karamah Football Championship title after beating Arab Real Estate Bank (AREB) 3-5 in the tournament held at the University of Jordan under the patronage of Hussein Salibi, in the presence of ASD manager Ibrahim Bayrouti and Hazem Yousef, AREB's manager.
Shop owner Negeebullah Areb was amazed at how many customers took the extra change.
242) ; il n'a qu'a pas sh areb (< sh reb, boire) ; Habub (< Hbuub, boutons > seins) ; Hanue (< Hnuu sh, serpents, flics) Cela est parfois suivi d'une troncation : j'ai eu la Hash (honte) (H sh uuma, ajout d'un a > Ha sh uma Ha sh [par troncation, p.
Andorra's banking resolution authority, AREB, will execute a full wind down of the residual BPA in coordination with the judicial authorities.