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ARECAAgricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (Canada)
ARECAAlaska Rural Electric Cooperative Association
ARECAAtelier Rectification Culasses d'Aquitaine (French: Grinding Cylinder Heads Workshop of Aquitaine; Aquitaine, France)
ARECAAnimal Referral Emergency Center of Arizona (Mesa, AZ)
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rufivena was established by collecting larvae and pupae from infested palm trees at the Areca Germplasm Resources Garden located in Wenchang, Hainan Province, China (19.
Areca nut dependence among chewers in a South Indian community who do not also use tobacco.
Although the custom of chewing paan is primarily associated with the Indian subcontinent, both the betel leaf and areca nut originate from South-east Asia, with some sources suggesting the possible home of the areca nut as the Philippine islands and of the betel leaf as central and eastern Malaysia.
tobacco, lime, areca nut/betel nut, capsaicin (a major component in chibes), malnutrition, immunological disorders, collagen disorders etc.
One of two insurance exchanges owned by electric co-ops, ARECA Exchange, will continue to operate independently.
The results obtained from the present study indicate that the methanol extract of the leaves and stems of Areca catechu lowered serum glucose levels dose-dependently and significantly when compared to control (group-I) at all the doses examined.
Our inspectors have recently seized large amounts of Pn, a stimulating and psychoactive preparation of betel leaf combined with areca nut and/or cured tobacco, at a grocery store here, following which the outlet was shut down, and the grocer was ordered to pay a fine.
The components use in preparing gutka like areca, nut chalia is of a very inferior quality and had different addictives substances to keep the users hooked to this brand, and causing fatal diseases among the users.
They used old shells to show that the natural plant derivative areca can bring the shells back to their pristine white state after a few days of rubbing.
The institute in its journey of 18 years has developed farmer friendly technologies like area specific mineral mixture for improving reproduction, promoting areca sheath as a dry roughage, advantages of red light for poultry production, nutraceuticals from agricultural waste for improving gut health, herbal compounds for improving feed and fodder quality and molecular markers for assessing semen quality.
Conclusion: The present clinico-pathological status of oral cancer still emphasizes primary prevention by creating awareness against the devastating effects of tobacco use, betel quid, its substitutes and areca nut, which can go a long way in decreasing the incidence of this disfiguring and lethal condition.
Abdulkader also said that many schoolchildren are getting addicted to suwayka and another chewable tobacco derivative called betel leaf and areca nut.