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AREGAberdeen Renewable Energy Group (Aberdeen, UK)
AREGAuthors Rights Expert Group (EFJ)
AREGAccreditation Regulations (higher education)
AREGAmateur Radio Experimenters Group (Australia)
AREGAntarctic Research Evaluation Group
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Out of these eight genes, AREG, FBLN1, and CLDN6 were strongly expressed after treatment with both [T.sub.3] and [E.sub.2].
Based on our microarray analysis, 14 genes, including three antimicrobial peptides (LEAP2, LOC396871, and MS4A2), two proteins involved in the regulation of proliferation and apoptosis of epithelial cells (PIAP and AREG), and genes associated with a number of physiological and metabolic processes (ATRN, CD59, CLU, DPEP1, EPHX1, RETN and UBP) were selected.
Deputy minister for energy and natural resources Areg Galstyan said while Armenia has chosen the 1,060 megawatt capacity Russian reactor, the new project "is open for other investors," and set to break ground next year.
Areg Hovhanesyan was imprisoned in February 2005, and his appeal was rejected on 24 March 2008.
Results from gene expression profiles have shown that tumours that express high levels of the EGFR ligands epiregulin (EREG) and amphiregulin (AREG) are more likely to have disease control with cetuximab (EREG, P=0.000015; AREG, P=0.000025).
Also in the occupied region of Nagorno-Karabakh, Jehovah's Witness and conscientious objector Areg Hovhanesyan remained in jail after being sentenced in 2005 to 4 years in prison for evading military service, a sentence he did not appeal.
ort with Reg being by Club and Huw a Rugby Club and aReg was jailed for as a councillor and Prison in 1970 for fused to fill in his't find it difficult to in work I totally
After the model was selected, the AREG subprogram computed the equations.
(23.) All estimates in this article were constructed using the AREG procedure in Stata 6.0.
Ben Hitchcott in contemplative mood, hoping he'll get the chance to show his talents on jumping's most famous stage: aReg Lomas: retiring at 70, his last Cheltenham Festival has been heralded by the worst winter rainfall in 250 years
AREG ->CONSTANT_LW [8] { reg = $0->s.n = getareg (); $0->s.r = 'a'; emit ("\tmov &%d, %%a%d\n", $1->s.offset, reg); } /*Here the first action gets a register and assigns its number to the "register" attribute of the left-hand-side nonterminal; the second action assigns an attribute that specifies the "type" of the register; the third action emits the code.*/
The business breakfast showcased AREG members who have successfully moved into renewables from oil and gas.