ARELEAnnual Review of English Language Education in Japan
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Memories of the destroyed world keep recurring, and lost family members are addressed, as "In Memory of Arele":
(83) Seejuures pole nende motiivide tagantj arele kindlakstegemine sageli enam voimalik--aastakumnetepikkusel malestuste selekteerumisel on siin oma osa.
Arele's teachings is that the response, "Amen, may His great Name ..." ." be recited, as the Talmud suggests, in an utter abandonment of soul, as if one were willing at that moment to die in sanctification of Name....
See YITZHAK BUXMAN, JEWISH SPIRITUAL PRACTICES 407 (1990) (quoting Reb Arele Roth: "Especially in our time, when the wicked have broken all bounds of decency ...