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ARENAAlianza Republicana Nacionalista (Nationalist Republican Alliance Party, El Salvador political party)
ARENANational Renewal Alliance
ARENAAliança Renovadora Nacional (Brazilian historical political party)
ARENAApplied Research Ethics National Association
ARENAAdvanced Research on the Europeanisation of the Nation-State
ARENANational Republican Alliance Party (El Salvador)
ARENAAntarctic Research, a European Network for Astronomy (European Union)
ARENAAdoption Resource Exchange of North America
ARENAAutomated Recourse to Electronic Negotiation Archives
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Kantos Kan explained to me that at the end of the day one of these prisoners would gain freedom and the others would lie dead about the arena. The winners in the various contests of the day would be pitted against each other until only two remained alive; the victor in the last encounter being set free, whether animal or man.
Just beneath the lowest tier of seats was a series of barred cages on a level with the surface of the arena. Into these we were herded.
Today it was the killing of a giant ape, a member of another tribe, and as the people of Kerchak entered the arena two mighty bulls were seen bearing the body of the vanquished between them.
About the arena were tiers of seats; but the a thing that caught her attention was a gigantic jetan board laid out upon the floor of the arena in great squares of alternate orange and black.
Into the arena, he came, the bears following on his heels.
Whether he exhorted her too to descend into the arena I cannot tell.
Now he shouted excitedly for Korak to come back, for he knew that in the sacred arena the other bulls might be expected to come to the assistance of their king against an outsider, though there was small likelihood that the king would need assistance.
Gravely and sternly he inclined his head to the prince, and took his place at the further end of the arena.
A thrill of astonishment and excitement swept around the arena. "Who were these men of the Queen's choosing?" was upon every lip.
In addition to the gladiatorial combats and other shows, they sometimes threw members of the hated sect into the arena of the Coliseum and turned wild beasts in upon them.
Past us swept the pursued and the pursuers, nor did the hairy ones accord us more than a passing glance until the arena had been emptied of its former occupants.
This, to their delight, opened to the lifting of an ordinary latch, letting them into a circular arena, surrounded by tiers of seats.