AREOAgricultural Research and Education Organization (Iran)
AREOAccelerated Renounceable Entitlement Offer (investing)
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The one-tonne Areos pod has a dual sensor payload for low-altitude overflight using an infrared band 3 line scanner or long-distance dual-band acquisition CCD camera through its rotating, stabilised window head.
Status Center, 2A Areos Street, Vouliagmeni, GR-166 71 Athens, Greece, Attention: Olga Lambrianidou, Secretary.
Status Center, 2A Areos Street Vouliagmeni, Athens,
In public, Lorop pods have been eclipsed by UAVs, but the Royal Air Force has used the DB-110-based Raptor pod extensively on Tornados, and the Thales Areos pod carried by Rafale was valuable in Libya.