AREPSAlberta Responsible Energy Policy System (Alberta, Canada)
AREPSAdvanced Refractive Environmental Prediction System
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AREPS, adjusted for the coupon on the deeply subordinated perpetual hybrid securities, was EUR12.92 (+7.2% from 2017).
In the period following the disposals, a renewed AREPS growth phase
This is expected to have a short-term impact on the 2019 AREPS of approximately -90 cents.
In all, this is estimated to have an impact of approximately -50 cents on the 2019 AREPS.
As a result, the 2019 AREPS is expected to be in the range of EUR11.80-EUR12.00.
Going forward and rebased for the planned disposals, building on the strengths of its unique platform and portfolio, continued growth of its operations and planned delivery of development projects, URW expects the 2019-2023 compound annual growth rate of its AREPS to be between +5% and +7%.
A detailed comparison of results with AREPS package is provided in Figures 6(b)-(c) for specific range and height.
In brief, the performance of WGM is measured under different complex environments and the accuracy of proposed method with respect to AREPS is summarized in Table 2.
At the end, results are compared with those from AREPS for both environment conditions--standard and ducting.
AREPS. Environment Case RMSE Condition Standard Figure 4(b) 2.3128 x [10.sup.-5] Figure 4(c) 1.1456 x [10.sup.-4] Surface Duct Figure 5(b) 5.9757 x [10.sup.-6] Figure 5(c) 2.2107 x [10.sup.-4] Evaporation Figure 6(b) 2.1279 x [10.sup.-5] Duct Figure 6(c) 2.4398 x [10.sup.-4]