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AREQAssociation des Redistributeurs d'électricité du Québec (Sherbrooke, QB, Canada)
AREQAssociation des Retraités de l'Enseignement du Québec
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56) suggest that the obtained AREQ profile of a given patient correlates with empirically derived prototypes of his diagnosis.
For our purpose the AREQ items were translated independently by: a native speaker with no knowledge of psychoanalytical terminology and a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
It seems that the individual AREQ items are related with the factors that have been gained from the psychoanalytic theory and the empirically defined factors of Westen.
Grounding of the AREQ-items in psychoanalytic affect theory: Various not only psychoanalytic theories were integrated in the AREQ.
Kernberg, Hartmann) (33,44,45) are integrated in the AREQ.
Possibilities for the application of AREQ q-sort test are clinical diagnostics, therapy evaluation, and process research especially using for example diagnostic considerations and process research on treatments of patients with personality disorder: The upcoming revision of diagnostic criteria by the American Psychiatric Association stimulates the discussion, especially regarding the diagnostic category of personality disorders.
Studies in which therapy cycles were traced using AREQ yielded promising results in this area.