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ARERAgricultural and Resource Economics Review
ARERAzienda Regionale Edilizia Residenziale (Italian: Regional Residential Construction Company)
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The mean maximum plasma morphine concentration ([C.sub.max]) was lower for crushed intranasal Morphine ARER (26.2ng/mL) and intact oral Morphine ARER (18.6ng/mL) compared with crushed intranasal ER morphine (49.5ng/mL) (Figure 1(a) and Table 1).
x | Welsh Language Commissioner, r Meri Huws, said: "In aroundr 90%of cases, primaryr carer servicesr arer the starting-point of people's ' relationship with the health sector.r It is important to establish,a fromr the beginning, language continuityn throughout r a patient's ' journeye within the health system.
The primary care trust are king their own investigations d we are hoping that by the d of the day we will have a arer picture."
In these remote places, the people and culture arer a world away from the rest of China.
DAVID EDGAR insists that Newcastle United players arer determined to erase memories of their 3-0 defeat at Blackburn Rovers in tonight's crunch trip to Eastlands.
Or even Tony Stephens, the former Villa commercial manager who now handles the game's prize asset, Alan She arer. Happily, he's not got Eric Hall's personality, either.
n, making sure the When the edges arer just under a minute, s, then fold in half.
r A spokesk wos man for Morrisons said: "WeW arer looking at a numberu of differentr sites acrossr the countryr and arer alwal ysa keen to bring Morrisons M local to newe areas.r Whileh we have a been in discussions with the landlord, r no final decision has been made about opening a storer in Cardiffr .
Therer arer also plenty of cubbyb holes dotted aroundr the interior to store r the odds and ends that cars r inevitae blayl accumulatem over time.
e He added: "Nuclear weapons arer no answes r to any threats r we actually face."