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ARESEARM Enhanced Shortwave Experiment
ARESEAtmospheric Radiation Measurement Enhanced Shortwave Experiment
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To celebrate these epic feats, from May 19, the Alfa Romeo Museo Storico at Arese, Milan, will be hosting the '11 volte campione' (11-times champion) exhibition, which will remain open until December 2018.
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"Iper Arese is an example of our strategic evolution in retail, and for this reason we need innovative and trusted partners such as NCR, who understand our technological needs for each consumer touchpoint."
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All in all, 30,000 copies of the poem "La crisi, c'e la crisi" were distributed at major Italian factories, including Fiat Mirafiori, the Petrolchimico plant at Brindisi, and the Alfa plant at Arese. Brugnaro fondly remembers distributing this poem, which he labels "ironicsarcastic," with his two factory co-workers, Mario and Sergio.
De acordo com a Associacao dos Resinadores do Brasil (ARESE, 2013), atualmente, a resina e extraida atraves da abertura de estrias na base da arvore, onde sao colocados estimulantes que evitam a cicatrizacao do local, o que permite a extracao por um periodo mais longo.
Something remarkable happened before the launch of the equally remarkable new 503bhp Ferrari-powered Giulia at Alfa Romeo's Arese HQ.