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ARETAccelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics
ARETAgricultural Research and Extension Trust (Malawi)
ARETAssociation for Rational Emotive Therapists
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Any degree of concomitant uveal and optic nerve invasion is another indication for adjuvant chemotherapy in the ARET 0332 high-risk histopathology study.
Six of the strategies contain physicochemical criteria for persistence, bioaccumulation, and toxicity, including Ontario's Candidate Substances List, ARET, the Toxic Substances Management Policy, the Sound Management of Chemicals Initiative, the Waste Minimization Program, and Washington State's PBT Rule.
On the regulatory front, the CIC has been directly involved in the new Environment Canada Accelerated Reduction and Elimination of Toxins (ARET II) Program.
Presently, the Agricultural Research and Extension Trust (ARET), which is implementing the programme, has already started experimenting with new chemicals with farmers.
The next section presents case studies of Canadian voluntary initiatives in practice, including Responsible Care, ARET (Accelerationed Reduction/Elimination of Toxics), the national Voluntary Challenge and Registry for greenhouse gases, the Canadian Industry Packaging Stewardship Initiative, the federal and Ontario governments' pollution prevention agreement with Dofasco, and the multistakeholder Whitehorse Mining Initiative.
The man nominally in charge of the sector is Godwin Aret Adams, a geologist acting as his "personal advisor" at the presidential office in Abuja.
Among them are Aret har ingen var (1948; "The Year Has No Spring"), Fossen og balet(1949; "The Waterfall and the Bonfire"), and Ingen kjenner dagen (1955; "No One Knows the Day").
* "Hidden" advertising, such as product placement in movies, or "infomercials," which Brown described as "half-hour programs that aret actually paid adverstisements."
Beito recognizes that economic self-interest was very much in evidence among those who founded Chicago's Association of Real Estate Taxpayers (ARET), the linchpin of the city's tax protest movement, but he finds the same impulse at work among their political opponents.