AREUAfghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit
AREUAgricultural Research and Extension Unit (Ministry of Agriculture; Mauritius)
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AREU also proposed two alternative models: A mixed election system --SNTV-PR and the mixed system of Limited Vote and PR (LV-PR).
One course, mostly for women entrepreneurs, led by Shivranee Ori, an AREU Senior Extension Officer, is aimed at teaching techniques of processing and preserving fruits and vegetables for the production of pickles, of chips from potato, sweet potato and banana, as well as dehydrated and frozen fruits and vegetables.
The aim of the public lecture is to apprise farmers and other stakeholders of the new trellising techniques tested by AREU for the production of salad tomato, of the various advantages of this new technique and of the research undertaken by the Unit over the years on salad tomato.
According to AREU the four types of grasses evaluated as substrate singly and with standard supplementation yielded greater than 150g of fresh mushrooms per fruiting bags of 0.
P Teeluck, Director of the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU), assured that through its women and youth unit AREU will continue to support the development of agricultural clubs and promote agriculture and existing opportunities among the youth, women, unemployed and small entrepreneur.
In his address this morning, the Director of AREU, Mr J.
CATHY AREU JONES, publisher of Metro Washington, D.
The project was financed by HRDC and training was conducted by AREU in November 2011 in all its regional training facilities around the island.
The project was financed by HRDC and training was run by AREU throughout the island at its regional training facilities.
Farmers will have to apply to AREU on the prescribed form and submit quotations and the design proposed.
2005; Teimori 2009), Bacillus subtilis, Micrococcus luteus, Klebsiella pneumonia, Klebsiella oxytoca and Staphylococcus areus (Teimori 2009), Candida albicans (Ghasemi Pirbalouti et al.
The methanol extract of this plant were inhibitory to all the test organisms of which, Staphylococcus epider areus and Staphylococcus epider midis as found to be highly sensitive.