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ARF1ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) Ribosylation Factor-1
ARF1Auxin Response Factor 1 (genetics)
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Vitamin D dependent down regulation of Arf1 gene in human leukemia cell line HL-60 of medical sciences.
Among membrane-trafficking proteins, a variety of GTPase of the Rab family, Arf1, and SNARE proteins, as well as caveolins and cavins, have been also described to target to LDs [1, 6, 65-68].
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Genetic studies have implicated different ARFs in diverse growth processes including embryogenesis (ARF5/MONPTEROS, ARF17), root (ARF7/NPH4, ARF10, ARF16, ARF19) and floral development (ARF1, ARF2, ARF3/ETT1N, ARF6, ARF8), and senescence (ARF2).
Researchers at the University de MontrE[umlaut]al and the University of Alberta found that the protein ARF1 plays a critical role in cancer cell growth and the spread of tumours.