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ARF4LADP-Ribosylation Factor 4-Like
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To date, T-cell epitopes derived from several glioma-associated antigens have been shown to elicit T-cell responses against gliomas of several genes, including SART-1 and - 3, interleukin-13 receptor a2 chain, ARF4L, GALT3, AIM- 2, EphA2, EGFRvIII, HER-2, gp100, MAGE-1, glioma big potassium (gBK), TRP-2, SOX2, SOX11, SOX6, and 3' [beta]-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 7 gene [12, 24, 35-50].
HEATR1 expression in normal brain tissues was very low, unlike ARF4L and GALT3, which were markedly expressed in various normal tissues [43, 44].