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ARF5ADP-Ribosylation Factor 5 (Adenosine Diphosphate, ADP)
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Among these top signals, three CpG sites showed a negative association with N[O.sub.2] exposure: cg04908668 (PSMB9, chr6), cg00344801 (TTC38, chr22), and cg02234653 (AP1S3, chr2); four showed a positive association: cg14938677 (ARF5, chr7), cg18379295 (GNG2, chr14), cg25769469 (PTCD2, chr5), and cg08500171 (BAT2, chr6).
Finally, we found one out of seven CpG sites (cg14938677 in ARF5) was a significant mediator between N[O.sub.2] exposure and FVC, and two CpG sites (cg14938677 in ARF5 and cg18379295 in GNG2) were significant mediators of the association between N[O.sub.2] exposure and [FEV.sub.1]/FVC.
From genes that are downregulated in female and upregulated in male sfx mice, we found 13 genes (Akt2, Sdc4, Myf6, Pabpn1, Itgb5, Tnnt2, MAP1, Pfn1, Tsix, Xist, Srebf1, Arf5, and Hdgf) that are connected to collagen synthesis.