ARFFSAerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (Australia)
ARFFSAirport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (various locations)
ARFFSAviation Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (Australia)
ARFFSAdige River Flood Forecasting System (Italy)
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Throughout the drill, the ARFFS exercise planning team paid close attention to areas that may require additional planning or training to improve organisational readiness.
The application is part of the Control Module of the National Forest and Wildlife Information System (MC-SNIFFS) and is aimed at ARFFS, holders of forest concessions, owners of private farms, native communities or peasants they have a wood exploitation permit and primary transformation sawmills (where wood is not a final product).
The working 80 fire trucks have an average year acquisition of 20 years and last year, 3 new ARFF were added with 6,000 to 13,000-liter capacity.