ARFSA Recipe for Success, Ltd. (UK)
ARFSAnimal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary (Trego, WI)
ARFSAcute Renal Failure Syndrome (kidney failure)
ARFSAustralian Rat Fanciers Society (Victoria, Australia)
ARFSAshuelot River Free School (Winchester, NH)
ARFSAge-Related Fluorescent Substance
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I was a-talkin' to one of her crew 'arf an hour ago."
Hasn't ye 'eard that devil's spawn of a capting an' is mates knockin' the bloomin' lights outen 'arf the crew?
I want the hundred thousand pounds paid into benks-thirty thousand into the London and County Benk Branch at Bun Hill in Kent directly I 'and over the plans; twenty thousand into the Benk of England; 'arf the rest into a good French bank, the other 'arf the German National Bank, see?
A gentleman comes and asks you with tack and civility for a temp'y loan of about 'arf nothing, and all you do is to curse and swear at him.
Cluster VII, which has the largest number (11 out of 47) of PvARFs, contains six foxtail millet ARFs. Cluster I, III, IV, and VI also contain eight switchgrass and four foxtail millet ARFs, and clusters II and V have only two PvARFs, respectively (Table S2).
Extensive studies have shown that ARFs play crucial roles in plant growth and developmental processes [10].
ARFS represents the investment arm of Al Rajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the world.
Jayakumar said the ministers also agreed that ARF, which has so far dealt only with confidence-building measures and has yet to tackle preventative diplomacy and conflict resolution, must move on to address common security concerns or become irrelevant.
The United States was willing to embrace the forum as soon as it became clear that the ARF would not affect its close alliances with South Korea and Japan (Wanandi 1998, p.