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ARGEArbeitsgemeinschaft (work study association)
ARGEArchaeological Resource Guide for Europe
ARGEArbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Forschungsinstitute (German: Association of German Economic Research Institutes)
ARGEArastirma Gelistirme (research & development)
ARGEAll Round Good Egg
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Fresh specimens from Meghalaya were identified by comparing genitalia of sawflies with previously published reports of Saini & Thind (1995), and they were found to be Arge xanthogaster (Cameron) (Argidae: Hymenoptera).
In its first numbers the editor, Gheorghe Smeoreanu, declared that this newspaper will change positively the media life in Arge?, after 1989 (9).
Key to the species of the Arge mirabilipes group 1 Hind tibia dark brown with dirty whitish posterior surface mirabilipes Pasteels --Hind tibia dark brown, without whitish markings 2 2 Postocellar area dirty yellow, ventral part of pronotum and tegula dark brown, abdomen yellow, [terga.sub.1-8] broadly black, [tergum.sub.9] black kungveldensis sp.
Eggs are shining white, oval and 4-6 deposited into the soft rose shoot one at a time Larva: Larva of Arge simlaensis feed on rose especially Desi Ghulab Rosa indica Linn.
Recovery of the past literary journalism of Arges County is a unique and difficult step, because many publications collections were destroyed by the vicissitudes of time or are incomplete.